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Rewarding life lessons.
One activity at a time.

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FamDoo™ is a new allowance app that helps you develop life-ready skills in your children.

It simply helps you organize chores, reward positive behaviors and instill a sense of responsibility in your kids.

For kids, FamDoo is a fun reward system. It’s exciting for kids to earn cash-value points that can be redeemed through iTunes, Target, Best Buy and Amazon. With FamDoo, kids learn the value of money by saving, spending or donating their rewards.


Do, Learn & Be

You determine what’s important for your family; we simply help you reward it.

FamDoo has hundreds of preset tasks and activities available under the categories Do, Learn & Be. And you can create your own custom activities to focus on different areas of growth for each child.

Whether it's simply completing common household chores, promoting an engaged mind or encouraging character development, FamDoo can help you raise well-rounded kids.

“Do” is about completing assigned tasks in and around the house.

Do tasks help you teach your kids the importance of responsibility. From doing the dishes to walking the dog FamDoo provides you with suggested tasks, or you can create your own!

“Learn” is about keeping your child's mind active and engaged.

Learn is not about doing more homework. FamDoo motivates your kids to take advantage of new learning opportunities. Your kids can practice geography, math and vocabulary flash cards using FamDoo’s exclusive Flip Cards, take quizzes and get points for their efforts!

“Be” is about helping you teach your kids the importance of personal development.

Be activities offer your kids the opportunity to learn about social responsibilities. Topics range from learning about the importance of values like gratitude and leadership to activities covering timely issues such as bullying and healthy eating. FamDoo can help you engage in dialogue on these important topics.

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